Knock on wood…

I hope I don’t jinx myself but I’ve really been enjoying sharing all the cool stuff happening to me rather then spouting misery and depression. :) So here’s a few new things that are cool in my world.

I finally figured out how to plot and have 3/4th of my scene cards done for my book. The podcast I just released on Tale Chasing documents my process and if I say so myself…it almost sounds like I’m a professional writer detailing their method.

I auditioned for another audio fiction project and received a recurring role. When it goes live I’ll post the link so you can listen.

I got my second email asking if I would be interested in interviewing them and got an ARC to help me prepare it.

I heard back from someone I pitched a proposal to and got a positive response. We’re still working out deets but if it goes through I think it’s a really big honor and am excited to be a part of it.

And Seth Harwood sent me a copy of the SF Chronicle so I can see my comment, name, and site in print!! It’s beautiful. Makes me wonder where I put all those articles from my G2 days. (Thanks again Seth)

I held a Twitter poll today for my coming book and got over 20 responses from people who answered positively about reading/listening to my project. I also got a chat message today from someone very cool checking on me to see if I was writing. The second they spent to see how I was doing was very encouraging and appreciated.
:) Yay!

I'm old…

So daddy calls me over and shows me this link (not work safe)….I am decidedly old. My first thought after seeing this girl who is apparently stalking some guy, and thinks she’s going to talk him into being with her by stripping in the video is…she is going to want to kill herself when she’s older.

She’s going to look back on that video, the fact that it’s so popular that it’s got people doing “remixes” of it and transcripts of the damn thing and go “what the flip was on my mind” then plot the ways she can bury her head in the sand. Why do I know? Because I have done things in my past (not anything near like this) but I look back at them and go “I can’t believe I did that…what was I thinking? How hard were people laughing at me because I did it? What must they think of me?? Aaaaahhhhh!!!!!” And this screams those things all over.

But you can’t tell a teenager that. To her and I’m sure other teens…this looks like a brilliant way to proclaim your love or desire for someone. Thank god for the internet (sarcasm). So…I’m old. Just thought I’d tell ya.

And yes…I know I am perpetuating her demise but being another person who’s linking to her…but she should of thought of that before she did the damn thing!

P.S…..I got another recurring role in an upcoming Audio Drama. I’ll post the link when it goes live.

Repost: Made some connections today!

I was really fortunate today to be able to hook up with Scott Sigler for lunch while he’s here in NYC for a book reading/signing for Infected! Not only did I get to sit down and eat sushi but he was really sweet and helped me answer a few questions related to an audio project (read below) I’m going to possibly get involved with and answered some of my questions about writing, podcasting my writing, and my plot. It was an extremely useful converstation and well worth the time to trek into NYC for. :) I sadly wasn’t able to hit his reading because of some other obligations but I have no doubt the man was swamped with fans!

As I mentioned above, I may be getting involved in an audio project that I set in motion in February. I’m keeping the details close to my chest but it looks like I may have an opportunity to record some audio books and I’m really excited about it.

The last bit of really exciting news is that it looks like not only is a comment I made on an article in the SF Chronical online mentioned in an article for today but it’ll be printed in the SF Chronical’s paper tomorrow! The article is about how Seth Harwood and Scott Sigler have made such an impact on the publishing world via their free audio podcast of their work. The Tale Chasing site is actually mentioned and will get the exposure of all of their online and print readers! They asked me yesterday if they could repost my comment and it never occured to me that they’d be ‘printing’ the comment as well. So I’m extremely psyched about that!

As a side note, because people are starting to search for “tail chasing” to find the site, I back ordered the domain in the hopes that anyone looking for this site can find it. :) Ok…now I’m off to work on my plot.

I'm on a roll!

I am so excited about the things happening lately. Some things seem to really be falling in to place. Here’s an easy to follow bullet list of what’s been going on:


I think there is more but I can’t remember at the moment. But all the above is so exciting….I can’t even begin to tell you! ;)